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An IT solution means, above all, transforming work environments to maximize human potential.

Goodcode develops custom applications and solutions for business based on our proprietary software framework.

This approach gives small-to-medium companies immediate access to advanced technology with a clear, scalable path for sustainable growth. We work closely alongside Ander Group, with whom we share offices.



Data Management Solutions

We facilitate database creation and automatic search with management software that uses proprietary programs customized to your business processes.

Computer Vision

Artificial vision systems reproduce the human visual sense to guide machine behavior. By integrating optical components, our software can perform highly specialized tasks.

Robotics and Automation

We can pinpoint any inefficiencies in your production processes and develop interfaces and management systems for specific sensors and actuators to resolve them. Our timely, customized attention helps deliver excellence in automation.

Intelligent augmented reality

Our computer vision expertise lets us offer intelligent augmented reality systems that dynamically recognize the surrounding environment without the need for geolocation.


// Libraries

// for developers

Our Java framework provides a wide range of ultra-light libraries that simplify software development. We would be happy to hear your specific needs!


The perfect solution combines your vision and our expertise.

Consulting and design


Each project is different in its technological and human factors. We begin with a survey phase to help you refine your software strategy. Iterative design, based on specific but adaptable stages, ensures a sustainable and scalable solution.

Software engineering


We work constantly to create new solutions, with two objectives: to optimize the components of our framework and to simplify the lives of our clients.

Research and development


Our collaboration with Ander Group supports ongoing research on behalf of our clients and ourselves.


Goodcode’s paradigm is agile development: rapid and constant improvement of our solutions to optimize our clients’ processes. We apply industry-recognized design principles to minimize implementation time. We apply industry-recognized design principles to minimize implementation time.


Paolo Domenighetti

Founder & CTO
M. +41 79 368 86 04

Florian Anderhub

Founder & CEO
M. +41 76 347 49 39


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